Want personalized books for the holidays?


Is there someone in your life who would love a Katherine Marlowe book for the holidays, personalized and signed by the author?


I’m delighted to announce that I’m teaming up with my local independent book store, Boulder Book Store, to provide just that!

Ordering is simple: Just go to the Boulder Book Store
and choose the books you want. When you reach the checkout page, all the way at the bottom will be a field called “Order comments.” Just write in that field which book(s) you would like personalized, and to whom. Boulder Book Store will then call me and I’ll stop by the store and personalize the books for you before they ship! Wealdhant 400You can also reach the store by phone at 303-447-2074.

The Blue Ribbon
 may not yet show up on the website, but don’t worry, they will be getting it in! Call the store directly to place your order at 303-447-2074.Unusual Courtship 150

There is no extra charge for this service–I’m happy to do it. Books make great gifts, and I’m delighted to partner with an independent bookstore that has been so supportive of my career as an author.


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