Eleanor and Hick

I’m currently reading an advance copy of Eleanor and Hick by Susan Quinn, upcoming from Penguin Press in September. It’s about Eleanor Roosevelt’s love affair with journalist Lorena Hickok, and it is phenomenal.

But my favourite thing by far is that every few pages there’s a mention of some of the many sapphic couples in Eleanor’s friend group:
Nancy Cook and Marion Dickerman, who ran a furniture factory with Eleanor.
Dorothy Strachey Bussey, a schoolmate friend of Eleanor’s who was bisexual.
Esther Lape and Elizabeth Read, who were partners and college-educated suffragettes.
Molly Dewson, “a savvy Democratic political operative” and her partner Polly Porter.
Alice Davis and Nadia Danilevsky, working with the Quaker activist efforts.

I’m not even a quarter of the way through the book. So many wlw! I’m delighted.


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