A Wager of Love available for Pre-Order!

Wager of Love med

Laurence Aberforth has never been in love. The first time he meets the impulsive and charming Gilbert Heckwith, he accepts a wager as to whether or not true love exists in the world. Amidst the playful flirtation of their new friendship, they explore the concept of love through philosophy and poetry, and the two of them ultimately find the proof of their wager in each other. Clean romance, no cheating, no cliffhangers, standalone novella. Buy on Amazon.

“Do you not dance?”
Laurie startled at the voice, which seemed to appear just behind his right shoulder before it solidified into the form of a tall and slender dark-haired young man his own age who sprawled onto the fine wingback couch which Laurie was most certainly not hiding behind. The young man was impeccably dressed in a formal suit of more expensive material than Laurie’s own.
They gazed in silence out across the dance floor. When Laurie did not, at length, respond to the question, the stranger tipped his head back to look at him upside-down.
“I dance,” Laurie responded.
“It seems you do not.”
Flushing indignantly, Laurie drew his stance a little straighter. He was accustomed to being teased, if only by his older sister, but he was certainly not accustomed to being teased at formal evening parties by handsome young men to whom he had not been introduced.
“I am entirely capable of dancing,” Laurie clarified.
His opponent still had his head tilted back against the couch, looking up at Laurie with mirth. “If you are capable of the theory but not the practice, can you indeed be said to dance?”
Now he was definitely being teased.

A Wager of Love is now available on Amazon for the pre-order price of $0.99!


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