Hello world!

Hi everyone!

I’m Katherine “Kitty” Marlowe, writer of m/m historical romance novels and novellas. I’ve written for years for personal enjoyment, but I’m just getting started publishing my work!

First up is a steamy novella called Lord Loxley’s Lover, about a pair of Regency era gentlemen who were lovers at university, but one of them has since suffered the collapse of his finances. Lord Loxley is bewildered when his noble-born friend and former lover arrives destitute and applies for a position as valet, but he is determined to repair matters between them and restore their friendship–and their love.


4 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. That sounds enticing! I need publishing advice. I write for fun and i published my first book with Xlibris Publishing but they ripped me off. So im currently hesitant and in between publications right now. What did you do to turn your hobby into a writing career?


    1. Personally–and it should be noted that while I’ve done a lot of research I’m still pretty new to this–I think that there are two worthwhile approaches to publishing, in our modern world. You can go a more traditional approach and get a literary agent (I recommend checking listings for literary agents at querytracker.com or agentquery.com , and research some articles on “how to get an agent”), or you can self-publish. It’s super easy to put up a book on amazon through kindle, and/or through other publishers (draft2digital is a great site that lets you easily publish to a whole handful of major ebook publishers). If you can write prolifically in one genre, preferably a genre like, say, romance (as I’m doing) where readers are voracious, you can build a mailing list and have full control of your own earnings and royalties. If you’re a slower writer (less than, say, 3 novels (50-60k+ words, depending on genre) or 5 novellas (20-30k) a year), or you’re writing for a genre that isn’t as voracious, then you’re going to want the backing of an agency and traditional publisher. Building your self-published grassroots following is HARD and requires you to be very prolific and to do huge amounts of research and self-promotion. If in doubt or you just plain don’t want to spend about as much time (or more) marketing your books than you spend writing them, get an agent.
      I would recommend putting your already self-published book on kindle and draft2digital, and work on writing the next one. You’ll have a very hard time pitching an already self-published book to agents, and they’ll be a lot more impressed if you can prove that you’re not just a one-book writer.

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      1. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply back. How do i put my already self-published book on kindle or draft2digital? Do i have to talk to my previous publisher, you think?


      2. Probably not, but be sure you check your contract to see what rights your previous publisher reserved. If they’ve got exclusive publishing rights worldwide for an unlimited amount of time, you’re screwed and you should just write it off as a loss. Otherwise, just head to kdp.amazon.com and draft2digital.com and get your stuff uploaded. They pretty much walk you through it.
        If your book was already published as an ebook, you may want to snag that existing ISBN and plug it in. If it was already published as just a print book, then just check your contract for sections on ebook rights, and you should be pretty much free and clear.

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